Maxum Specialty Insurance Group’s commitment to providing top-notch service is demonstrated in our superior claims management. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable claims staff handles claims with integrity and care. We oversee each and every claim through to its proper conclusion.

All claims should be properly reported as soon as possible.

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What is a Specialty Claim?
A specialty claim is a claim against your General Liability, Commercial Property, Management Liability or Professional Liability policy.

Where should I report my Claim?
To insure that the proper information is gathered regarding your claim, all claims should be initially reported to your General Agent or Broker.

In the event of an emergency, or if there is a need for an immediate response, a claim can be reported directly to Maxum. However, the claim must also be reported to your general agent or broker.

What information do I need for reporting my Claim?
The following information must be provided when reporting a Claim:

  1. Name of the insured
  2. Policy number and policy period
  3. Date of loss
  4. Detailed description of how and where the loss occurred
  5. Names, addresses, home and mobile phone numbers of all persons involved in the loss
  6. Home, business and mobile phone numbers of the insured
  7. Name of the police department and case number assigned, if reported to the police
  8. Detailed description of injuries and/or damages

How do I report a Claim or check the status of a claim?
In the event that a Claim needs to be reported directly to Maxum, or to check on the status of a claim, one of the following methods should be used:

1. Fax: Faxes should be sent to (678) 597-4501, Attention Rick Sforzo, Claims Department

2. Report by e-mail:

3. Report by U.S. mail: to Rick Sforzo, Claims Department
Maxum Specialty Insurance Group
3655 North Point Parkway, Suite 500
Alpharetta, GA 30005

IMPORTANT: All legal notices should be faxed or mailed overnight to Maxum so we can respond within the limited time frame given by the state.