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Special Property

Maxum’s Specialty Property (MSP) division is an E&S Property Market that offers Shared and Layered Excess coverage on a non-admitted basis. Maxum offers exceptional service and quote turnaround time.

Only a select number of brokers are qualified to provide our products. They possess a great degree of local market knowledge and the ability to answer even the most complex coverage questions.

Our specialty is Shared and Layered Excess, whether loss limit or gross limit. As market generalists, we are not limited to defined niches, SIC codes or certain classes, though we do not target casinos, pipelines, petro-chemical risk, mill and elevator risk, and certain other primary industrial accounts. Our primary business includes buffer, middle and capacity excess layers for CAT and Fire risks, as well as short excess limits on non-CAT Fire business.

The focus of our Special Property Division is middle and capacity excess layers for large, multi-location, multi-state accounts. We can provide a stand-alone excess form or a follow form excess, or use a broker manuscript form.

The product line includes all risk, named or specified peril, DIC and single peril (wind, earthquake or flood).

  • For small, single-location accounts, we will entertain primary, buffer excess or excess for earthquake only.
  • For small, single-location wind-exposed accounts, we will not write primary.
  • For fire risk, we will write excess, participating excess, or a short excess limit (a small limit over a primary layer, like a $1mm xs $1mm or a $2mm xs $3mm primary).

Our risk capacity is set at:

  • up to $5 million for CAT perils
  • up to $10 million for Fire, non-CAT perils

For more information about our Special Property Products and Services, log in to the Maxum Solution Center.

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